Sunday, 27 July 2014

During the five years between 2006-2011 shooting the Californian landscape I became increasingly aware to the amount of water being unnecessarily consumed in the desert areas of the West. Lush green lawns, water parks and leisure complexes seemed to be the norm using millions of gallons of water every day in a State now classed as being in severe drought. It was clear that the consumption of water had gone beyond necessity and few seemed to be looking at reducing or rethinking their water usage despite the leaps and bounds in water recycling technology. In this project I have returned to the desert areas of Western California to document the ongoing concerns of water-waste and mass consumption as well as methods and technologies being used to tackle this environmental concern.


It was this image that first got me thinking about Virtual Water as a major photography project.
I was staying at Lake Las Vegas where this image was made. The turf had just been laid days before and was saturated with water despite a temperature of 105 degrees.

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