Tuesday, 2 September 2014


The City of Palm Springs is committed to cutting water use and addressing the severe water shortages and criical drought issues we face. A Water Task Force has been created to work on the COuncil directive to address the drought. Members include Commissioners from Sustainability, Planning, Parks and Recreation, Architectural Advisory Commission and Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee. The City Council has determined a strategy to reduce water use and combat the dorught. Council directives and next steps include:
  • Mayor’s reset of City water use reduction goals
  • Implement model legislative & administrative practices
    • Water efficient landscape ordinance
    • Model water efficient plant palette
    • Reduce City facility water use
    • Increase Community wide and City facility turf conversion
    • Strengthen water waste requirements and enforcement
  • Examine water “re-use” opportunities (e.g. swimming pool draining and reclaimed water infrastructure
    • Working with the Desert Water Agency on joint conservation projects and programs
  • Engage large water users in long-range water resource planning
    • Survey of large water users
  • Incentive programs – funding and coordination

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