Sunday, 27 July 2014

Project Image List (on going)

The main bulk of images will look at Water Management in California; The bad aspects, and the good ones. I want to provide a balanced view perhaps running the final good and bad images side by side.
LAND MANAGEMENT falls into both categories

This is what I have so far:

Golf course
Lawns. House residential and buildings
Cattle farms etc and crops in desert with sprinklers(Food). Dairy in particular.

Bottled Water (start in Cazabon, Arrowhead and Nestle factories water source). Water taken from worst drought areas. 
Toilets (Flushing. Also look at ones that use less water)

Toxic and contaminated (Salton, new river, etc. pick out worst)
Man-made lakes
Swimming pools
Bio fuels (downsides)
Water for bush fires

Still life images (mix in with landscape)
Steak (plain light blue background) and other foods
Flowers (that need most water)
Glass of dirty water. (Toxic supply and fracking etc)
Bottled water. Waste recycling
Wasting water by getting wasted (dehydration). Individuals
Tuft of grass (book detail, Latin name etc)

Distill for sea water
Recycling plant
Non potable water for crops
Reservoirs and aqueducts
Rain collection
Water towers
New inventions
Disused water park ?
Weather control ?
Natural springs and other sources
Water conservation
Water patrols in Sacramento and other places. Photograph guards etc

Water Parks (water is recycled with little waste. Also often salt water)

Signs of drought (outcomes of over consumption, waste etc)
Dead trees and fauna
Dry lake beds and rivers
Abandoned towns (Salton)

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