Monday, 3 November 2014

Ghost Towns.

Swimming Pool. Keeler CA. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

Shack. Keeler. CA. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

It was not just the gold rush that left many small towns part or uninhabited. Many of today's ghost towns are the result of their main water supply being 'diverted' to larger cities like Los Angeles. The town of Keeler located between the edge of death Valley and Owens lake is a good example. 

Trailer. Keeler CA. October 2014. Marcus Doyle 
Four Chairs. Keeler CA. October 2014 Marcus Doyle

Miners Hut. Darwin, Death Valley. October 2014 Marcus Doyle

The town of Darwin located within Death Valley is also another good example of a ghost town. Cut off from the main cities. The only water supply to Darwin comes through a single six inch pipe from the adjacent China Lake Naval Weapons Center. One of the people I spoke to in Darwin said the water pressure sometimes falls to a trickle, and residents all stockpile water for drinking, etc., for such times.

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