Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Lake Antonio.

San Antonio Lake. CA October 2014 Marcus Doyle

As part of this project I was interested to see how much the current drought had effected leisure and tourism.  Lake San Antonio is located South of King City CA and is a popular destination for water based activities. However, due to current conditions this is the statement on the resorts website;

"With low water levels in the lake, it is even more important to protect the lake and its waters by inspecting your boat for invasive plants and animals.  Each vessel is required to to have a valid Quagga Permit issued after inspection by a certified inspector.  Previous permits issued during previous inspecting either at this lake or another are not valid.  With the water levels being what they are, only kayaks, canoes and small aluminum boats are allowed on the lake.  Jet skis and larger boats are still not allowed on the water. "

No Diving. Lake Antonio CA. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

All of the reservoirs and lakes I visited had similar new rules put into place. Clearly a sign of the times.

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