Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lake Folsom

Picnic Area. Lake Folsom. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

Of all the reservoirs I visited, Lake Folsom looked to be the most effected by the drought. At the time of shooting the lake was apparently only at 15 percent, although their was some debate over this as the locals claimed it was 25 percent and that the levels went up and down all the time.
However, upon arrival my suspicions were confirmed as it was by far the driest I had seen.

Lake Folsom 1. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

On this occasion I thought it would be good to venture onto the dry lake bed. The whole area looked like a desert.

Lake Folsom 2. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

As with the other lakes, shrubs and grasses has begun to form in various patches. People walked their dogs and went about their business as usual.

Lake Folsom 3. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

Another new landscape habitat had been created full of wildlife, which made me wonder what would happen when/ if the water levels rose again. 

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