Wednesday, 5 November 2014

San Luis Lake

San Luis Lake. San Luis Obispo. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

For the final leg of my journey I wanted to head straight to the source of California's water supply and headed north to photograph the reservoirs and lakes.  
As most of California's water comes from ground water, the reservoirs are a good indicator of how much water the state actually has left. Once these lakes are empty, the only other option is to move onto another.

San Luis Lake 1. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

In 2012 this reservoir was at 90 percent capacity. At the time this image was made, the lake was down to less than 20 percent.
The dried up parts of the lake had formed a new landscape with fauna and grass.

San Luis Lake 2. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

San Luis Lake Aqueduct. October 2014. Marcus Doyle

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