Monday, 28 July 2014

First Proposal (RPS Environmental Bursary)

My proposed project is to return to the desert areas of Western California to document the ongoing concerns of water-waste and its mass over consumption, as well as methods and technologies being used to tackle this environmental concern.

The entire project would ideally be shot over the course of three weeks during the 'high water season' in July or August for maximum impact.

Trip Itinerary.
I will start in Los Angeles photographing the water distillery plants, recycling factories, Folson Lake and Lake Perris Reservoir, now at their lowest ever water level.
I will then travel to The New River which runs through the city of Calexico where agricultural runoff, municipal discharge and industrial dumping has made it the most polluted toxic river in America. 
Next will be the Yucca Valley in and around Palm Springs, home to over 47 golf courses, each using more than a million gallons of water a day.
I will then make my way through the Sequoia National Forest recording the effects on the giant Sequoia trees there and then onto Death Valley, the hottest, and driest place in America but still with a very high water wastage due to mass tourism.
I will finish the round trip in Barstow, a town most affected by drought and water contamination in California.

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